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Duplex scan

This is an ultrasound of the veins to detect the source of venous reflux. The scan is performed with patient standing and uses an ultrasound jelly to get contact with the probe. It can be a little messy, but the jelly is water soluble.

The scan results will be explained to you and used to plan treatment.

Lincoln Vein Clinic has recently invested in a state of the art portable scanner with all the functionality of a full sized ultrasound enabling scans to be performed in clinic in either Lincoln or Grimsby.


The Veinlite uses coloured LED lights to visualise smaller veins under the skin. In combination with a venous duplex scan it is particularly useful for assessing whether thread veins are being fed from deeper varicose veins.

The Veinlite is also designed so it can be used when injecting the veins with sclerosant.